Improves reliability of your cashflow

Removes card data from your organisation

Puts you in control of your customer payments

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Continuous Authority Card Payments

Provides capability to take regular and repeat card payments through an automated environment.

Recurring payments (also known as repeat and subscription payments) are either loved or hated. They are ideal for organisations that want to take regular transactions from a customer’s card. Once the initial transaction is verified the card will become a trusted card and any repeat uses will not require the card details to be taken again.

However, there are not always funds available on the credit or debit card and therefore payments can be declined.

Encoded has developed Tokenisation and Recurring Payments to enable customers to validate and amend repeat card payments when something goes wrong.

Often described as tokenisation, recurring and stored card payment solutions from Encoded mean that customers can vastly reduce the scope of their PCI compliance as Encoded will collect the card details and convert these into tokens for future use. Tokens can only be used through Encoded’s payment gateway and if they are stolen or written down then the token is completely useless to anyone outside the payment environment.

Key benefits include:

  • Easy to set up and maintain saving time and resource
  • Payment date and amount is flexible and can be controlled by the customer to increase the frequency of successful payments
  • Speeds up the payment process for regular customers
  • Tokens can only be used through payment gateway improving security
  • Tokens are cross payment method compatible, enabling use over other Encoded products
  • Level 1 PCI DSS accreditation with Attestation of Compliance (AOC) from Encoded

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