Measuring customer experience

Design and develop optimum solutions

Dedicated project and account management

Partners and Network

Encoded’s solutions combine globally-deployed and proven technology with a bespoke framework, using Encoded’s extensive technical experience to guarantee project success. 

Encoded’s software is developed in the UK by highly experienced software engineers in our head office in Crawley, West Sussex, and is written in a modular way designed to be easy to maintain and making it easy to add new functionality at any time in the future. 

TNS-Transaction Network Services

Transaction Network Services (TNS) are Encoded’s payment gateway partners.  TN is the global leader of payment aggregation and is PCI DSS accredited in the UK, US,Australia and Canada





Encoded’s three data centres are connected via dedicated lease lines supplied by  KCOM, a world-class, award-winning tier-1 telecoms supplier.





Encoded’s full suite of payment solutions are fully accredited to Level 1 PCI DSS


Blackfoot UK is Encoded’s PCI QSA.  Blackfoot is an information security specialist, providing consultancy and services to assist with information security and compliance. 



Encoded’s three UK based data centres are connected via dedicated 100mb leased lines to form a reliable VoIP cloud with no single point of failure.  Built on industry leading IBM infrastructure, Encoded boasts a total network uptime of 99.99978% over the last 10 years of service.

Encoded’s IVR infrastructure has been designed and built in-house and is truly unique in terms of functionality and reliability.  Encoded manufactures both the hardware and software, making us the perfect partner for scalability offering both hosted and on-site (CPE) deployments of Encoded’s solutions.  


Encoded Customer Case Studies

Download Encoded Customer Case Studies to learn more about solutions that could benefit your organisation too.