Reduces yours costs by up to 80%

Get more reliable results

Obtain results in real-time


Metrix Telephone Surveys

Metrix is a fully automated telephone survey system that provides the most cost-effective way to measure customer satisfaction and gather market intelligence across your organisation.

Metrix helps to improve performance and customer service levels without tying up valuable staff resources. It boosts your customer retention by reducing the time it takes to discover and solve important customer service issues.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduces your costs by up to 80% vs. using live agents or postal surveys;
  • Makes results more reliable to make your conclusions more accurate;
  • Obtains instant results with real-time response tracking and analysis;
  • Improves your response rates to provide greater overall value;
  • Use as a training aid by tracking individual agent performance.

Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction surveys
Customer retention surveys
Product performance surveys
Employee satisfaction and retention surveys
Training evaluation surveys

Marketing Intelligence:

Market segmentation surveys
Pricing performance and market research
Brand performance surveys
Advertising surveys
Market research surveys


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