Listen first - talk later

Changing the view of interactive payment solutions

Deliver the right solutions for your business


At Encoded we help our customers improve customer service, increase sales and reduce costs by making a real difference and delivering the right payment solutions to meet customer requirements.

We do this by listening first and talking later, establishing clear objectives from the outset and an absolute insistence on delivering practical best practice techniques.

Don’t just take our word for it

Encoded is a dream to work with. They are efficient, reliable and totally professional with highly flexible technology to match. Always open to new ideas, they truly listen to what we want and go the extra mile to achieve it. That’s what makes them different and sets them apart from the competition.

Head of Customer Contact, Park Group

The people at Encoded blended well with our own team and understood our culture perfectly. They appreciated our requirement for a user-friendly solution that reflected Virgin’s own unique sense of style.

Operations Analyst, Virgin Holidays

Encoded wants to change the way contact centres look at secure interactive payment solutions. The payment process should enhance customer experience by illustrating respect and commitment by listening to customer needs and feedback. Encoded solutions are designed to improve customer service and increase sales by providing easy to use, friendly and secure automated payment options.


Protecting Customers and Card Holders

Encoded believes that by removing much of the card data typically handled by Contact Centre Agents in payment taking contact centres or merchants they are better protected and can lower their cost of PCI DSS compliance. Working with a Level 1 PCI Compliant service provider means that audit time is reduced and QSA fees can be saved. This is a significant benefit with QSA fees in the region of £1k per day.

Our approach recognises the power of using experienced, respected consultants, programmers, designers, developers and project managers to deliver Encoded solutions including:

  • Secure PCI DSS compliant card payments
  • Virtual Terminal Payments
  • Agent Assisted Card Payments
  • Online payments
  • Self-Service recurring payments
  • IVR payments
  • Interactive Voice payments

  • Secure payment solutions
  • Contact Centre Payment Solutions
  • Automated Payment Solutions
  • Recurring payments
  • Voice Recognition Secure Payments
  • PCI payments
  • PCI DSS card payments

Encoded Customer Case Studies

Download Encoded Customer Case Studies to learn more about solutions that could benefit your organisation too.

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