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Accept credit and debit card payments by an automated telephone line to improve customer service, reduce operational costs and cut PCI DSS compliance costs. IVR card payments save on agent time and increase security with proven return on investment (ROI). To learn more click on the IVR Icon below.
Agent assisted payments and automated card payments by telephone improve customer service and reduce the cost of PCI DSS compliance. Other secure automated payments from Encoded include IVR, Virtual Terminal Payments and Automated Recurring Payments. For a payment solution that is right for your contact centre click through the icons below.
Give customers the option to pay securely by telephone or online. Integrate contact centre and web transactions with a 3D secure payment solution from Level 1 PCI DSS accredited Encoded. Make regular transactions easier with Automated Recurring Payments. Read more about our web payment solutions below.

Encoded is a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment services provider with products that include:

Most businesses want to be able to take a debit card or a credit card payment these days, but knowing which method or service is best for your business can be challenging. To get a merchant account isn’t expensive but understanding the best way to maximise its potential for streamlining your card payment collections process is key. Your Merchant account can receive card payments from a range of payment methods such as online, via an agent (Virtual Terminal) or using an automated phone service like IVR Payments and a recurring payment schedules. All of which require the Merchant to be PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS is in its 3rd release and is a contractual obligation of all Merchants designed to secure cardholder data from the risk of card fraud and theft.
We specialise in multiple payment methods such as online card payments also known as ecommerce or web payments as well as having a range of phone payments solutions. Automated payment services taking debit card payments and credit card payments without the need for an agent are extremely cost effective. If your customers like the personal touch and want or need to speak to an operator for the duration of the transaction then we have a range of services to enable this whilst maintaining your PCI DSS compliance. Our industry knowledge on merchant payment services goes beyond what you would normally expect from a typical payments company. We are able to consult on best PCI DSS practise and the use of multiple payment methods throughout your organisation to ensure all client demographics are covered. Card payment processing across multiple payment methods from a single supplier is something Encoded’s client’s benefit from.
You may already offer the facility to accept credit card payment processing and debit card transactions on your website and in your contact centre. In a highly competitive market such as payment processing there is no harm in comparing suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Furthermore it is unlikely that your current payment provider can offer the complete range of payment methods that Encoded has pioneered and developed in-house. It is typical for a Merchant to have a Virtual Terminal from their Merchant bank or acquirer and to have sourced additional payment methods from a third part payment service provider (PSP) such as Encoded. As such reports, monthly bills and settlement can be a time consuming and inefficient. Having a single supplier for all your payment services is where Encoded can save you time and money.
PCI DSS advice is typically very expensive. Encoded can offer you advice and provide the payment services that will give your clients a secure and efficient method of accepting card payments. You can engage with Encoded in full knowledge that we are level 1 PCI DSS compliant and therefore can make it easier and cheaper for you to achieve your own compliance accreditation. Whether that be by self-certification by a PCI DSS Q&A provided by your Merchant Bank or Acquirer or by an independent PCI DSS QSA. Encoded’s payment services can de-scope your working environment reducing the cost of PCI DSS compliance.
By selecting Encoded to provide your secure payment services you will benefit from de-scope your payments environment. Payment services including card payments via a Virtual Terminal, Agent Assisted payments and online payments (ecommerce) are available. All payment services utilise recurring payment functionality by using stored card details or payment card tokenisation. This allows customers to self-service recurring payments, IVR card payments, contact centre payments and stored card payments.
When you are looking for a payment service provider you can be assured that Encoded will provide you with the highest levels of security surrounding your credit and debit card transactions. We have many card payment solutions that will service every type of customer demographic you have. You can pick and choose which service you feel is best suited to your business, everything from just managing online card payment processing to taking debit card payments over the telephone.


You can easily contact us to discuss your needs and we will be able to give you more information about the payment services we provide. We have many well-known household brand names as clients and aim to be the easiest IVR payments partner to work with. Why not give us a try?

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Encoded is a leading PCI DSS compliant provider of secure interactive voice response payment solutions. Encoded’s products are designed to fulfil three key objectives: Reduce costs by automated business processes. Increase sales by offering new fulfilment channels. Improve customer service by maximising resource efficiency.

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