Pay By Link

Send payment requests in seconds

Via SMS, email or social media

Real-time feedback and notification of payment

Assists with PCI DSS Compliance

Pay-by-link – Send payment requests in seconds

Encoded’s Pay-by-link service offers a fast, hassle-free method of sending a one-time-use short code link to a customer’s phone or email address which can then be used to open a simple payment form.

Utilizing 3D secure, a pre-populated and pre-authorised payment form is effortlessly sent to your customer. Available as a standalone service, or to compliment other payment channels such as Virtual Terminal or the Engagement Platform from Encoded, Pay by Link can be used for a SMS, Email or WhatsApp payment where it is convenient and safe for the customer to submit their card data at that moment.

Offering excellent levels of security, card data is not exposed to the agent or your network. This enables PCI DSS compliance to be achieved by descoping all areas of your organisation.

The service also utilises stored card data if a token pool exists; additionally, the Pay-by-Link service can be used to collect new card data when existing data has expired in a non-intrusive, convenient and costs effective way.

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Pay-by-Link features

Manual or Automated

Agents can quickly and easily generate and distribute payment requests, or import a payment file to have a request generated and sent automatically.

Real-time Reporting

See in seconds how many Pay-by-Link requests have been sent, received and used.

Customisable Branding

Brand agnostic templates can be used to blend the message and artwork with your own brand or that of your clients.


This simple self-service payment channel has no dependence on your network or resources. Massively descoping your PCI DSS requirements. All data is safely stored and encrypted assisting with GDPR compliance


Encoded's Payment Products

All of Encoded's payment services work cooperatively.  Sharing stored card details between solutions, enabling card holders to use the service of their choice without having to re-enter card data.