De-scope your compliance project by over 50%

Achieve full PCI DSS SAQ C-VT certification

Secure your contact centre against card theft

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Agent assisted payments

Using Agent Assisted Payments enable your contact centre to process card payments without exposing them to sensitive card data.

Encoded’s solution bridges the gap between providing personalised customer service and enhancing security, whilst reducing the often heavy financial costs of PCI DSS compliance. Customers use their touch-tone keypad to enter their card details, whilst staying connected to the contact centre agent throughout the payment process. During this, contact centre agents are provided with real-time on-screen feedback, but are importantly protected from viewing any sensitive card details.

De-scope your contact centre
Implementing Agent Assisted Payments significantly reduces the time, cost and resource required to complete the PCI DSS, SAQ C-VTSelf Assessment Questionnaire C-VT was developed for a specific environment and contains some subtle differences to SAQ C. The VT stands for virtual terminal and applies to externally hosted web payment solutions for merchants with no electronic cardholder data storage. (3.1v).  In fact, of the 95 controls covered in version 3.1 of the standard  Agent Assisted Payments places 51% completely out of scope and 30% of the remaining controls are heavily reduced.  This figure assumes that VoIP is used, if not then that figure is reduced still.

This pie chart illustrates that over 50% of the PCI SAQ C-VT is
completely removed when using Agent Assisted Payments.

Agent Assisted

Agent Assisted Product Sheet

Download Product PDF

The product PDF offers the reader an insight into how Encoded Virtual Terminal works and its ease of implementation.

Redbox Recorders

Re-Tell Recorders compatible.

Redbox Recorders

Red Box Recorders compatible.

Encoded’s Agent Assisted Payments solution provides the following key benefits:

  • Reduces the financial and operational costs of PCI DSS compliance and other security compliance programs
  • Requires minimal disruption to your current contact centre operation
  • Demonstrates your commitment to your customer’s security
  • Includes premium features as standard; such as real-time verification of card details, card tokenisation and tight integration with existing systems

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