Encoded COVID-19 Preparedness

As news develops on the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its potential impacts, Encoded is carefully monitoring the situation and amending its ‘business continuity plan’ to accommodate for and anticipate the spread of the virus.

Putting in to place a number of measures and rehearsing their effectiveness to prepare for any potential impact to our operations.

With the increased likelihood that the UK will enter the “delay” phase of the government’s four-phased approach over the coming weeks, our emphasis will be on ensuring continuity of service for all customers.

Ensuring continuity of service

1. 100% remote working capability

Encoded currently has a 100% remote working capability, with all employees able to perform all aspects of their roles remotely.

2. Uninterrupted service delivery

We do not foresee any interruption to service delivery, support or continued operations in the event that employees are required to work remotely.

3. Continued support

In the event that a remote working policy is introduced by the government as part of a social distancing aspect of the “delay” phase, we will continue to provide support via the Helpdesk, email and telephone.

4. Multi-skilled staff

We have ensured that all functions are covered by multiple appropriately skilled employees.

We are additionally working with all of our partners and suppliers to ensure their readiness and take any potential action to mitigate any identified risks to the business, however we do not currently anticipate any interruption.

Customer meetings

In regards to customer meetings with Encoded over the coming weeks/months, full video conferencing facilities are available should face-to-face meetings not become appropriate. Let your account manager know if you would like to utilise this option.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary.