PCI Compliance: The Ultimate White Paper

Making payments via a credit or debit card is now largely common place but the regulations around accepting card payments over the phone remains a mystery to most organisations. This is your chance to read the ultimate white paper on the topic of telephone payments and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

White Paper Answers Top Three Questions

The paper answers three of the most commonly asked questions about telephone card payments:

  • What are the real threats and what can be done to mitigate risks?
  • What products are available and can service providers be trusted with a merchant’s responsibility?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the loss of card data?

PCI DSS Cycle of Confusion

As the saying goes “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

Learn how corporate management, vendor sales, marketing, procurement and merchants themselves have created a PCI DSS cycle of confusion and how to break it. What are the buzz words and what is the reality?

VISA Merchant Agent List

Understand how the VISA Merchant Agent List can help organisations select the right payment partner and what to look for. How can merchants decide who to entrust their clients’ card data with?

This educational white paper has been written in conjunction with Matthew Tyler, chief executive officer of Blackfoot one of the country’s most experienced information security specialist companies and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

About Encoded

Encoded is a leading provider of interactive voice response solutions and automated payment solutions. All the company’s services are designed to fulfil three key objectives:

  • Reduce costs by automating business processes
  • Increase sales by offering new fulfilment channels
  • Improve customer service by maximising resource efficiency

Encoded was established in 2001 to offer affordable, pay-as-you-go solutions to the growing telecommunications requirements of small and large businesses. Today, the company’s software regularly supports 30 million customers and 10 million calls globally and automates £60 million of secure payments without operator intervention.